Sow results

From the year 1968 up till now our Tibetan Terriers got the following results
on international Shows in Europe.

Obtained titles:

23 International Beauty champions
23 Belgian champs.
18 Dutch champ.
12 Luxemburg champs.
15 French champs.
12 Austrian champs.
7 Swiss champs.
5 Czechoslovakian champs.
5 central European champs.
8 Slovakian champs.
10 Czech. champs.
13 Polish champ.
3 German champs.
2 World champs.
2 European (FCI) champions
Worldchamp.1980 Verona, Italy 100% Tiara-Su bloodlines

Worldchampion 1995, Belgium
Vice Worldchamp.1983 Madrid, Spain 100% Tiara-Su bloodlines
Vice Worldchamp.1991 Dortmund, Germany 100% Tiara-Su bloodlines
and the World champion was for 50% out of our bloodlines.
And many other Winner titles in Germany, Holland and Belgium.

We are also proud to inform you that 2 of our Tibetan Terriers, up till now
the only ones, were chosen as best dogs in Belgium.

They received from the press the silver knuckle-bone.
Those 2 dogs were the well known male Tiara-Su Chen-Rezi, a real topper,
and his granddaughter Tiara-Su Gjemo-Chen.

We would like to mention also that TT's out of our home, exported to other parts of the world,
got also good results on Shows.

Many of them became International Beauty champs, French, Austrian, Swiss,
Dutch, Italian, Spanish, ch. of Monaco, Polish, Czech., Slovakian champs
and even 3 of them south African champs.

We are particular proud on those results and every year our TT's get new championships,
so we may consider that our type of dog is appreciated by the international judges.