It is a certain fact that the Tibetan Terrier is spread all over the world but man cannot deny his origine.
Coming out of the land called "roof of the world" he is proved against the heat but also against extreme
cold temperatures.
He is one of the breeds which is capable to maintain himself on steepy mountain sloops.
This is thanks to his body where the backhand is higher than the forleggs.
His ribs well arched give us the impression that the long continance is also larger than those of other dogs,
from there his large staying-power.
The T.T. as we shall call him, who had a medium long coat in his native country,
had the task to collect the cattle and the little mountain goats, which was no problem for him.
Many is written about his origine and were he could come from but during a visit of a
Tibetan Guide called Migmar Lakspa, we were informed that the Tibetan dogs come from the mongolian
plains, more specific from central Asia.
When we look back in history man shall notice that dogs has been spread all over Asia,
during the invading of the mongolian hordes, under wich accidental also Tibet, the cradle of our T.T.
Personally we are proud that we still posses the old original TT type.
The present dogs become much to much adapted at the frequently changing standard and
at our oppinion this is not good for the breed in general.