Where to look after !

- Those who like to buy a Tibetan terrier puppy we give the good advice to
contact breeders and ask them you can pay them a visit.

- Demand to see at least the mother and if it is possible also the father.

- Pay attention that the puppies are raised in the house, in family circle.

- Those little things are more social than their fellows who sitting in shop windows.

- Ask the breeder if the puppies got their vaccinations.

- The T.T.'s have a large variety of colours and man shall see that chocolate or liver coloured puppies
can be consider as the end of a bloodline.
Those little ones can be nice but man shall notice they have light brown or green coloured eyes.

- A serious breeder shall not ask pedigrees for this colour, because these pedigrees will be declared
worthless for reproduction and shows.

- It is also a well knowned fact that dogs with this colour don't have a long live and get deaf early.

- This has been confirmed in different countries and all the ancestors of
those dogs are leading to a few specific dogs.

- It is an important fact that a guarantee is offered by the breeder because
this is in conformity with the Belgian law.

- Demand also that the breeder shows you the attests of eye and hip examinations, not only from the parents
but also from the grandparents and even the great grandparents.