The Tibetan Terrier is a sturdy, medium sized dog, which has a large variety of colours, such as black, white,
silver, golden, sable, two-coloured and tri-coloured or party coloured combinations.

He is small enough to live on a flat, but big enough to enjoy a good walk or a romp with the children.
In their native country Tibet, where they use to live between the people, they've been called "little humans"

Now we know him better as Tibetans or T.T.'s.
Long ago he has been also knowned as Bhutan Terrier, Himalaya Sheppard dog,Kashmir Terrier,
Shantung Terrier, Sheep dog, etc...

The most specific of the T.T. is his long coat slightly waved which covers him from nose to tail.

In his native country the strong coat protects him against severe winters were the temperatures
can descent far below zero, during a long time.

Long and strong whiskers keep the hair out of the eyes and protect him against snow blindness
in the winter a flying up sand or dust in the summer.

The coat has no specific smell and moulting is really minimal.

In spied of some rumours, we can assure that the character of our TT is not dependable from
a certain colour and dark coloured dogs are not more aggressive then light coloured dogs.