Although the T.T. have a medium long coat, it is not so difficult to take care off.
All man need is a good brush with iron pins on a rubber cushion and an iron comb with not to narrow pins.

If we begin early, when still puppy, we shall see it is not so difficult to maintain the coat.
It is mostly the undercoat, which contains pure wool and cause knots.

That's why man shall lift up the coat with one hand while brushing with the other one.
We shall proceed beginning at the feet and going up to the body.

Man shall notice that the T.T. is a little challenger and sometimes tries to have it
his own way which results in so called shouts of pain during the brushing.

Be firm with your dog because you are his master.
After some time you will see that the dog will accept your tactics.

It is recommended not to wash your dog to often because regularly bathing
affects not only the protection on the skin but also the resistance.

IMPORTANT: unknot the dog before bathing him.

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