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Everything begon on april the 4th. 1958 when my husband gave me a little dog for my birthday.
It was a little woolly thing hidden in his jacket that, as I have been told later on, was a dog from a rear breed,unfortunally whitout a pedigree at that time.
Because I've always liked dogs I was curious to know what a precious thing I possesed.
My husband told me he's got the little female from a shipssteward who cames from Asia.
Thanks to friends also dog fanciers I heard that the little one was nothing less than
We showed her a few times and at one of those shows we've met other dog friends and from one of those persons we've bought our first male with recognised pedigree.

Later on we've bought also a female from another breeder and this was partly
the base of our breedprogram.
After some time we've imported a female from Denmark and one from Switserland.
After our first litter we've kept a female and 2 females where mated , one by a German male and
one by a  Swiss male, because we wanted to preserve the old and solid bloodlines.
Up till now after all those years we still use those bloodlines without making inbreed.
Our succes in the dogsport is thanks to our honesty against the dogs and the people otherwise
we should not last such a long time.
It is our purpose to produce a nice and healthy dog, thus not quantity but quality

After more then 54 years there are already more than 52.000 descendants of our dogs. On the following link you can follow-up those unique bloodlines, the go's back till the year 1920
Put in step 2 the following name " Tiara-Su"

With permission from Pat Nelson USA.
All reproduction is forbidden without the autorisation of the owners of this site.

About us
Uitreiking huldigingsmedaille

Robert Mittemeijer during the handing over of his coin in the Order of the crown
To the left backed up by the General Secretary of the VDA mr Joel Vanlerberghe and to the right by the President of the VDA Alfons van den Bosch opposite the medal on the left, and below the qualifications

Huldiging Robert Mittemeyer
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